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Welcome to Bollyfood StoriesTM

Bollyfood Stories is a palette of tastes and colors from a distant land. New Delhi-style street food, where rare spices enhance the meat and vegetables, accompanied by traditional naan bread baked in the tandoor oven.

Bollyfood Stories is a concept developed by John Alexander Ashok and Camille Deschryver who offer European-style Indian cuisine.

Indian cuisine, the cradle of Ayurvedic cuisine, is rich in benefits, made up of many vegetables and spices rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It is suitable for all diets (veggie, vegan, halal, etc.). In India, a large part of the population is vegetarian and offers many dishes without meat. Particularly colorful and tasty, Indian cuisine is increasingly popular.

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Our addresses in Belgium

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👉 Our addresses

Bollyfood Stories - Wolf Brussels

Wolf 🐺

Counter Bollyfood Stories

Wolf Brussels
Rue du Fossé aux Loups 50
1000 Brussels

Bollyfood Stories - Brussels

Bollyfood 🐯

Restaurant Bollyfood Stories

Bollyfood Stories
Rue Jacques Jordaens 1
1000 Brussels
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Ashoks Indian Cuisine - Jurbise

Ashok’s 🪷

Restaurant Ashok’s

Ashok’s Indian Cuisine
Route d'Ath 107
7050 Jurbise

- menu -

So Thaï - Jurbise

So Thaï🏮


So Thaï Asian Cuisine
Route d'Ath 149
7050 Jurbise

- menu -

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